6th IPMA Research Conference:

Impacts of Project Management in Society.

September 03-04, 2018, in Rio de Janeiro,  Brazil

The venue for the 6th IPMA Research Conference is the______ situated in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.













IPMA Research Award Ceremony 

IPMA Research Award Ceremonty will took a place during the Gala Dinner scheduled for the evening of September 3rd will be held in _____

About IPMA Research Conference

The first IPMA Research Conference was held in 2013, and as a Think Tank it aims to bring together researchers, experts, scholars and practitioners in project management who share a common passion for their discipline. The distinctive feature of this small in size conference is the intense dialogue between practitioners and academics, which can neither be found at scientific or professional conferences.

6th IPMA Research Conference 2018

The theme of the 2018 IPMA Research Conference is “Impacts of Project Management in Society”.

Analyzing the current structure of the business world, there is an increase in the complexity of activities due to the emergence of globalized competition, cultural and technological advances, where organizations must seek to innovate in their processes at all times, trying to be at the forefront of competition and ensure their survival in this market. I arose from the need for coordination and management and control of activities in order to reduce the reaction time to external motivation in achieving the objectives.

The importance of Project Management is to ensure success in achieving the objectives through the standardization of the process of monitoring implementation.  It is up to managers to adapt to the new need imposed by the market, replacing the traditional business structure with a project-oriented structure. It should be remembered that the knowledge of project management is highly connected to the general knowledge of the administration.

The main role of project management is to ensure the successful implementation of strategies defined in strategic planning, taking full advantage of established strategies.

The conference wants to examine if our understanding of successful projects and their management needs to be worked over.

The scope is to explore if the current definition of project success and project management success sufficiently reflects the needs of sustainability by meeting the needs of future generations.

The number of participants in the Research Conference will be limited to 60 participants. The early bird registration closes on July 13th and we encourage those interested in the conference to register as soon as possible to secure seats in time.