Incheon Bridge Company Ltd. is an operation entity of the Incheon Bridge, a landmark of Korea with a total length of 21.38km, connecting Yeongjong Island where the Incheon International Airport is located and Songdo International City. The Incheon Bridge project, jointly pursued by the private and public sectors, has been appreciated as the very first successful case of project in Korea led by a foreign partner undertaking from the initial stage of project planning through construction to operation.

The Incheon Bridge project valued at 2.38 billion US dollars including private and public sectors has been the driving force to facilitate development in the Incheon Free Economic Zone, providing a foothold for the nation to achieve economic growth. In addition, this mega-structure incorporates state of the art technologies and provides aesthetic elements to the scenic landscape in the region. As a green infrastructure, it also aids to carbon reduction and climate change issues through its contribution in reducing logistical costs and environmental pollution.

Now Incheon Bridge Company is about 8 years in its operation and maintenance, setting a focus on its future management objectives to become an exemplary social enterprise putting social values into practice through actively communicating with local communities. There is the social contribution team formed within the organization, running a ‘Dodamdodam Animal Sanctuary’ to protect and look after abandoned animals and ‘Therapeutic Horsemanship Center’ to support the rehabilitation program for the mentally and physically-challenged.

The management of Incheon Bridge Company has been inspiring creativity with encouraging staff’s voluntary involvement in various other activities such as Kimchi (local food)-making and sharing events and distribution of mufflers woven by staff and staff’s family members that is planned to provide support for people in need. In addition, the company has made arrangements through the Korean Bar Association to offer free legal services for the underprivileged and the disadvantaged in the region. All these efforts made by the company to realize its corporate social responsibility have been loved and well received by people and regional communities in Korea.

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