12th IPMA Research Conference
"Project Management In The Age Of Artificial Intelligence"

Date: April 19-21, 2024

College Park Maryland, USA





Click here to download the 2nd Call for Papers.


The International Project Management Association, in conjunction with the US Member Association, IPMA-USA, has announced the 12th Annual Research Conference, to be held April 19-21, 2024, at the University of Maryland in College Park Maryland, USA. The theme of the conference is Project Management in the Age of Artificial Intelligence and will explore many facets of the AI-PM intersection including emerging project competencies, ethical frameworks, sustainability, learning models, teams, and collaboration, and more. The three-day conference will feature prominent keynotes from the USA and global project and AI communities, a research awards gala event, and opportunities to meet and interact with experts.


The conference is led by Dr. Ronggui Ding and Dr. Marija Todorović of IPMA, and Tim Jaques, General Chair and vice president of IPMA-USA. Professor Miroslaw Skibniewski of the University of Maryland and Professor Qing Yang of the University of Science and Technology Beijing serve as the Co-Chairs of the Scientific Committee.
The conference aims to bring together researchers, experts, scholars, and practitioners in project management who share a common passion for their discipline. One of the distinctive features of this conference is to inspire the researchers to do leading research rather than just give them a platform to share what achievements they have already made.
The annual international conference has been held in Germany, China, South Africa, Iceland, South Korea, Brazil, Croatia, and Serbia. The Research Conference aims to bring together experts from around the world to increase the mutual understanding of the global challenges of project managers in diverse environments and industries.


Call for Papers

The first call for papers took place in October 2023 and final papers will be due on February 18, 2024. An international team of more than 25 researchers and academics will review papers. A shorter submission format this year of just 1,500 words will be accepted into the conference to invite early-stage research concepts and protect the copyright of these ideas. “This revised format is exciting for us because we hope to receive a wide of submissions from the fast-evolving world of artificial intelligence,” says conference General Chair Tim Jaques.

The conference will contain three tracks, tentatively proposed as Papers, Awards, and Inspiration and each track will feature several formats including presentations, interactive workshops, reverse panels, and world cafes. The conference will be held in conjunction with the University of Maryland PM Symposium, occurring on April 18-19, 2024.

For further information, please contact us at rc2024@ipma.world.

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