IPMA Hackdays 2022 – Hacking societal challenges in a co-creative way

After the first positive experiences in 2020 during a virtual research conference of IPMA on the topic “Projects as Arena for Self-Organizing”, IPMA Hackdays shall be held again in conjunction with the 10th IPMA Research Conference from June 19-21, 2022, in Belgrade (Serbia). This time the main topic is “Value co-creation in the project society”.

Hackdays, sometimes also called ‘hackathons’, are an event frequently used in the programming scene to find novel approaches to solving challenges in an intensive competition lasting several days between different teams. At the end of the event, the solutions are presented and awards are given to the best of them. However, the event format is much more than just a co-creative competition. At the same time, it can be used as a form of learning to strengthen the readiness and capability for innovation within companies as well as on the threshold from university education to professional life, respectively laying the foundation for the successful launch of a new business idea.

The weekend before the IPMA Research Workshop 2022 will be kicked-off at Belgrade, the IPMA Hackdays 2022 will take place. From June 18 through 20, students from different study programs and universities will meet at the venue and organize themselves to work in up to 6 different groups on a topic of their own choosing from the following overall list of challenges:

  1. Climate action
  2. Circular economy
  3. Community development
  4. Smart cities and smart rural
  5. E-Governance & public service
  6. Digital solution fighting COVID-19
  7. Projects in the area of Health Care
  8. Mobility solutions for a new era

The ambition of the IPMA Hackdays is not only the shared experience in the context of co-creative collaboration but also a specific sketch of a solution, a prototype or concept that allows to master a self-selected challenge from the overall list and is mature enough to be implemented. At the end of the competition, a group of distinguished judges will evaluate all the solutions presented based on their experience and predefined criteria and select a winning group. The winners will be awarded during the gala of the IPMA Research Conference on Monday, June 20th, 2022. After the Hackdays, all group members of the winning team will receive both training and coaching on how to turn their idea into reality, as well as a cash prize totalling 500 euros. The 2nd and 3rd placed groups will also receive training and books.

The IPMA Hackdays are being prepared, co-hosted and evaluated by a team of researchers from the KomBEU project, which is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. This project aims to contribute to the realization of the potential of digital transformation for the successful formation of start-ups and the implementation of business model innovations in established enterprises in the Western Balkan region. KomBEU is a joint project led by the ISF München e.V. in cooperation with Tiba Managementberatung GmbH and Educons University in Serbia.


Call for Participation!

If you are a student from a university in Serbia or one of the Western Balkan countries, or if you belong to an IPMA Young Crew and feel like joining other interested people in a co-creative event format and working on a solution to pressing societal problems, then you should register yourself through rc2022@ipma.world using the keyword “Hackdays” by latest May 31, 2022. The IPMA Hackdays are free of charge, yet require you to be present at the venue for the entire event.