Congratulations Early -Stage Research Authors!

We are honored to inform you that the Book of Abstracts for early-stage research from the 12th IPMA Research Conference has been
published and can be viewed at the link.

Thank you for developing and preparing your research visions in the form of extended abstracts, which are now in front of you as one
exceptional collection.

Book of Abstracts

The 12th IPMA Research Conference seeks to explore how AI is impacting the work of project, program and portfolio management, as well as the impact of AI on projects and society arising from these solutions.


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Nearly every industry is being disrupted by artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. AI uses machine learning (ML) as well as advanced analytical and logic-based techniques to interpret events, support and automate decisions and take actions. In the project setting, AI brings many potential benefits and also comes with challenges such as data privacy and security concerns, ethical and legal considerations.

Innovation is the primary force guiding project development around the world. Within this new environment, AI is giving rise to new management issues, new application scenarios, and new methods and tools. This environment provides a rich source for academic research oriented to AI in project, program and portfolio management, and offers opportunities to co-create value for the enterprise and its customers.

AI is emerging in project management practice, and research is urgently needed to address the challenges of both building AI-driven solutions, and leveraging AI to create more effective projects, programs, and portfolios. AI will have considerable impacts on competency requirements for project and program managers, project teams and sponsors, business leaders, end users, and other stakeholders.


IPMA sought authors with an interest to explore AI across the following areas:

Industry 5.0 as a Driver for Sustainability, Resilience & Circularity
Project Leadership
Risk Modeling & Management
Project Management Competencies
Professional Development for Project Managers
Swarm Intelligence & Decision Making
Culture & Change Management
Leveraging Chat Bots for Project Management Efficiency
Emerging Use-Cases & Tools in Project Settings
Business & Digital Transformation Projects
Creating Team & Consumer Trust
Project Collaboration Techniques
Knowledge Acquisition & Representation
Ethical Challenges in Project Management

For more information about the paper presentations, check out the Paper Submissions page. There you will get a more in-depth look at the types of papers presented, a downloadable version of the conference presentation template, and more information about the journals that will publish select papers.