Do you want to do something good for our society and work together with other people on solutions that make a difference? Then you should participate in the IPMA Hackdays 2021!

Hackdays are events of short duration where teams collaborate and work around the clock to find a solution to a problem (see, it even sounds like a project). The power of this do not end with designing a solution however, you will benefit from all the networking and learning that will happen in between and beyond.

This year´s topic for the IPMA Hackdays are dedicated to the overall theme of the IPMA Research Conference “Project Leadership and Society”:

  • Turning UN SDGs into revenue in projects
  • Trends and societal developments pushing the projectification of society
  • Role of projects for community development and social initiatives
  • Western and Eastern leadership approaches in comparison
  • Agile project management – does it require leadership?
  • Characteristics of leading projects in times of crises

The IPMA Hackdays 2021 is organized by volunteers and will be a fully remote global event. The main action takes place on the 10th and 11th of June 2021 via Slack and other tools such as Zoom. Only the participants registered for the IPMA Research Conference 2021 will have access to the IPMA Hackdays. All people registered will be invited to a Webinar on June 6th, which explains the schedule and the rules. The teams present their solutions on June 11th 4 pm CET to the Judges, who select the winning team. The winners together with key insights will be announced during the second day of the IPMA Research Conference on June 13th.

What´s important to know: There will be prizes – not just the knowledge experience of seeing your solution being assessed by a group of international judges but also the shine and glory of being recognized as hackathon master. Perhaps even having your solution being implemented afterwards. This could only get better if you´d be offered the opportunity of presenting your solution to the world by contributing to a White Paper or book, right? That´s our plan!

Furthermore, the winning team of the Hackdays can chose from:

  • Free coaching session
  • Selection of free books
  • Discounts for certification

We are looking forward seeing you in June during the IPMA Hackdays!

Chair – Raji Sivaraman
Co-chair – Ken Coyne
Co-chair – Amin Saidoun