IPMA is a Federation of 73 Member Associations (MAs) all around the world. The MAs organize own research and exchange activities to meet the needs of members in their respective context. However, the value of being a member of IPMA has always been to engage with peers in other countries and exchange ideas on how to advance the discipline and learning from each other. IPMA has spread from Europe to Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Australia, and North and South America. The demand for our products and services and the number of our Member Associations is steadily growing. Through IPMA, project management practitioners from all cultures and all parts of the world can network, share ideas, and move our practice and our stakeholders forward through effective collaboration and cooperation.


The GPM is a non-profit professional association for project management. Founded in 1979, GPM today forms an extensive network for project management experts from all areas of the economy, universities and public institutions. The professional association contributes significantly to the professionalization and further development of project management in Germany and offers extensive opportunities for training and further education as well as certification in project management. Through the umbrella organisation International Project Management Association (IPMA), GPM is networked worldwide and also promotes the work on norms and standards on an international level.